Neha likes to ride her bicycle — much like any American girl her age.

But her world view has given her a perspective not possessed by many of her American contemporaries. She understands the value of an education and applies herself to learning because she wants a career as a police officer “to beat bad people.”

Before coming to Grace House, she lived with her mom and was able to attend school, but came here because of improved learning and living conditions. Neha enjoys “work experience” at school, which she explains is an opportunity to learn about food, body and weather.

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A monthly sponsorship of a child at Grace House India is used to cover all our girls' living expenses. These expenses include clean water, nutritious meals, a private, Christian education, school supplies, tutoring, her clothing and any routine medical care and medications. No administrative expenses are ever taken from your contribution, 100% of your giving is directed exactly as you designate. * Dipali is partially sponsored and needs an additional $95 monthly to complete her sponsorship.