The Journey

The Grace House journey has been an amazing one thus far. What began as a vivid dream of a beautiful home in a countryside setting — filled with lots of beautiful girls running, laughing and learning together — now has come to fruition. The journey has also been very rewarding and spiritually moving for everyone involved.


Our goals were simple in the beginning: getting the girls whole again, mentally and physically, to prepare them for a sustainable future — and, most importantly, to share with them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing.


The strong cultural struggles in India, the discriminatory caste system and all of the diverse language barriers seems overwhelming at times, but so did the idea to bring Grace House to life. Here’s the thing — if we truly put our faith in what God is calling us to do and listen to His direction rather than our own wants, it all comes together.


We’ve accomplished so much in the two years since this journey began. We’ve transformed an abandoned complex into a beautiful fully-staffed campus, created clean and welcoming rooms for the girls, dug wells for clean water, built a cell tower for better wi-fi to help the girls with online learning opportunities and so much more. The list is endless.


But we have one big need that we’ve yet to tackle — getting all of the girls sponsored. That’s where we need your help. A sponsorship helps us support the girls’ everyday needs through monetary giving and, more importantly, it provides the girls with people they can identify with as a family unit. Any amount of time or funds a sponsor elects to give is welcomed! It’s a personal decision we respect and appreciate.


Another way to show your support is by helping us make connections. We need you to spread the word. We welcome the opportunity to share our story with any group, business or individual that may be interested in supporting Grace House.


If you know someone who may be interested in supporting, please share this message and the video that helps share our purpose. We hope everyone finds it as powerful as we did. Because it’s nearly impossible to communicate the profound experience of Grace House with someone using words alone, we believe this video will help us open open doors in a new way.


Stacey and I offer a sincere “thank you” to everyone who has made this dream and calling come true. To all those who have put in the sweat equity, sponsors and all the thousands of people praying for us every day, may God bless you and your families for your servant hearts.


Thank you,